Whether your a parent, spouse, teacher or co-worker, having a better understanding of yourself and others will help you reduce conflict, have clearer communication, enhance relationships and build unity within teams.

“Connecting with Others” workshops utilize the DISC Model of Human Behavior to build a foundation in which to enhance the various levels of relationships by gaining a better understanding of our own personality and the personality of others in order to connect with them.

What is personality? It is the framework and the vehicle in which we display our human nature and communicate the uniqueness of who we are and what we contribute to others. God’s ultimate purpose for your life will be more than you can achieve alone! You will need various levels of relationships to fulfill your purpose. Working closely with others requires genuine respect and friendship empowered by an understanding of their unique personality and gifts. Whether with a spouse, a child, a co-worker, a team member or as a professional, the ability to understand yourself and others will reduce conflict, create better relationships and build better teams. The ability to connect with others affects all areas of life:


Marriage —— Parenting —— Dating—- Sales —— Teaching —-Coaching —— Business Ownership Networking —— Working with Volunteers ——Social Work —— Youth Work ——Mentoring —— Counseling —— Team Cohesiveness —— Trust in the Workplace ——

In this dynamic and in-depth training, you will discover:

  • How your personality type affects your leadership style
  • The how and why behind the way you do life
  • Strategies for building better teams
  • How to identify internal & external motivators
  • Secret insights into how to gain peak performance from team members
  • How to decrease turnover by hiring the right person for the job
  • How to create a healthy work environment
  • How to help reduce stress & conflict

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